Jan Wiesbauer

Software Engineer

About Me

Hey, my name is Jan and I was born and raised in Wels, Upper Austria. I moved to Linz for studies and got caught here. The nice city, tech scene and amazing software companies convinced me to stay.

In my free time I like to do sports - Triathlon primarily. I really like the process of investing time in training, improving and earning the reward at the race. But I also see the sport as a main component to keep balance in life and to stay healthy. Besides all the structured and disciplined workouts for swim, bike and run I also like to free my mind during a nice hike where I just enjoy the scenery and nature and don't really care about the numbers.

Since I'm also very interested in tech and software I spend some time with it even after work. A small side project or some manual work saving automation brings great fun.


Smarter Ecommerce GmbH

Software/Data Engineer

Java, Scala, Groovy, Spring, Microservices, Google-APIs, Business-Intelligence

Smarter Ecommerce GmbH

Software Engineer Internship (12 weeks)

Implementation of Slack-Chatbot, Synchronization and Consolidation of data from multiple Microservices and Systems


Software Engineer Internship (6 weeks)

Implementation of a Windows-Forms app and the underlying database, to automate different processes within the material-technology department

Raiffeisen Software GmbH

Internship (4 weeks)

Bitbucket - Git, Jenkins Build-Server, HTML & CSS

Rudolf Gerstl KG

Internship (4 weeks)

Reorganization of network cabling, First-level employee support

Rudolf Gerstl KG

Internship (4 weeks)

Operating-System upgrades, First-level employee support


University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Campus Hagenberg

October 2018 - September 2020

Software Engineering Master's Degree Programme

University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria - Campus Hagenberg

October 2015 - July 2018

Software Engineering Bachelor's Degree Programme

Community Service

October 2014 - June 2015

Caritas für Menschen mit Behinderung

Kindergarten for Children with Special Needs Carl-Blum-Str. Wels

Bundesrealgymnasium Brucknerstr. Wels

September 2006 - July 2014



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Choreo Light

Be part of the show.

You’re standing in front of the main stage in the middle of the crowd at a festival and you want to get noticed. With Choreo-Light, you can connect with other crowd members and present a live light choreography that will make for a stunning evening for you and your favorite artist on stage.

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Master Thesis

"Design and implementation of an Incident-Management-System"

The thesis for my Master's Degree at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (in cooperation with Smarter Ecommerce GmbH)

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Carpooling made simple - SharePool lets you create tours, share them with your friends and makes paying for them simple.

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Bachelor Thesis

"An interactive Slackbot for incident managment"

The thesis for my Bachelor's Degree at University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (in cooperation with Smarter Ecommerce GmbH)

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Android Deliveryman App

During an university project in the 4th and 5th semester of my Software Engineering Bachelor porgramm, we created an Android Delivery-App for a company called ITPRO. The app comunicates with the ERP system and covers the deliveryman workflow from route navigation and delivering articels to storing returned items. The app is beeing used by Mohrenbrauerei in Vorarlberg.

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Website "". An artitst shows her objects, artworks and jewellery. You find multiple galleries with photos of the items and some general information about the artist.

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Google Hash Code

The Google Hash Code is an international Coding-Contest where thousands of programmer all over the world compete against each other. Aim is to build the best solution for a stated problem within the given time frame.